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U10 Outdoor Soccer Program (SWL)

Separate girls and boys teams, ages 8 & 9 (U10) on December 31, 2017 (For youth born in 2008 and 2009)

- SWL preseason for U10 boys & Girls is April 25 to May 18
- SWL regular season May 22 - June 21
- SWL Tournament June 23 details TBA

- Teams participate in the South West Soccer League FAQS
- Seven versus seven (including goal keeper)
- League games are scheduled from late April to June 24, 2017 
- The girls' games/practices are on Monday/Wednesday
- The boys' games/practices are on Tuesday/Thursday
- 1 day FUN TOURNAMENT on Saturday June 23, 2017 for all U10 teams
- Integrated Technical Sessions on Saturdays at the Vincent Massey fields, boys at 11:00am, girls at 12:00pm

All players will be provided with a Team Jersey  (your credit card will be charged $100 if the shirt is damaged or not returnedat the end of the season)

Players will be required to have shin guards and appropriate shoes (cleats recommended) + size 4 practice ball.

Team Photos will be May 15th (girls) and 16th (boys) at Killarney Dry Pond, Time TBA.


Date &  Time, Location TBA

Date & Time, Location TBA

Registration closes March 31, 2017.  We may accept late registrations if there is room, but we cannot guarantee a spot.

Early bird program fee:  $90.00 w/ volunteer commitment
Registration after March 18, 2018: $130 w/volunteer commitment 

Non volunteer fee: +$100.00

Parent Volunteers Required: Volunteer Roles

  • Casino Volunteers - Not Required This SEASON
  • Coach – 1 or 2 per team
  • Assistant Coach – 2 per team
  • Team Manager – 1 per team 
  • Referee Co-ordinator - 1 per season 
  • U6 Co-ordinator - 1
  • U8 Co-ordinator - 1 
  • U10 Co-ordinator - 1 or 2 per season girls/boys
  • Equipment Manager  
  • Year End Party Co-ordinator - 5 
  • Year End Party Volunteers - 10  
  • Board member, positions include President, Vice president, Treasurer, Secretary

What is the SWL? For U10 players, TriWest offers registration in the South West League (SWL).  This league is managed by representatives from the participating communities of Triwest, Signal Hill, Glamorgan, Calglen,  Scarboro, and West Springs-Cougar Ridge, representing upwards of 700 players.  The SWL was set up to provide consistent days of play, limited travel, and focus primarily on fun and player development.  Similar to the CMSA, the SWL has multiple divisions of play and allows the U10 age players to play on teams with others at a similar skill level; however, unlike the CMSA that encompasses teams throughout the city, the travel for the SWL players is limited to the participating communities.   Also, SWL games are scheduled Mondays/Wednesday for the girls and Tuesdays/Thursday for the boys, and the season ends in late June, while CMSA teams play on varying days of the week or weekend, and the season extends into the summer and possibly resumes for a few weeks in the fall.  The TriWest offers an integrated technical program and bonus technical sessions on Saturdays and there will be a 1 day fun tournament on a Saturday in late June for all teams. 


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