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    What programs does TriWest offer?

    Triwest is a grass roots community soccer club offering both indoor and outdoor soccer.

    In the Fall we offer the following indoor programs; U6 CMSA, U6 House League, U8 CMSA, U8 House League, U10 Girls CMSA & U10 Boys CMSA.  

    In the Spring we offer the following outdoor programs; U6 House League, U8 House League, U10 Girls SWL & U10 Boys SWL.


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    When does registration start?

    Outdoor  - February 1, 2019

    Indoor - June 15, 2018

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    How do I know what age group my child would play in?

    For indoor and outdoor soccer take the current year (when you are registering) and subtract the year of birth of your child.  The resulting number is the oldest the child can be to register in an age group.

    e.g. for a child born in 2012 and registering in 2019. 2018-2012 = 7 = U8

    • U4: Born 2015 / 2016
    • U6: Born 2013 / 2014
    • U8: Born 2011 / 2012
    • U10: Born 2009 / 2010

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    Can I register after Registration has closed?

    A request can be made to be placed on a wait list. 

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    I do not live in the “normal” area for TriWest (Killarney/Glengarry, Glendale, Glen Meadows, Knobhill/Richmond, Shaganappi). Can I still register and what community association should I register with?

    The Calgary Minor Soccer Association does not recognize any community boundaries for soccer, so you can register with any soccer association that you wish.  Triwest does require a current community association membership at registration.  If you do not yet have a membership or your membership has lapsed, please check the box for the appropriate community association which can be paid with your registration on-line.  If your association is NOT listed please provide proof that your local community association fees are paid up to date. 

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    Is it possible to have my child play on the same team as her friend?

    Typically most requests for U6/U8 are accepted; these requests should be made at registration. Friend requests will not be honered after registration closes. Player placement is done by age group coordinators. Email with the names and age category of your friend request. The U10 SWL is tiered, level 1,2,3; teams are formed based on ability. TriWest's policy is children placed on higher level tiers can be moved down however, children on lower level tiers cannot be moved up. We do recognize that this is often important to parents and children for different reasons (siblings, carpooling, etc.). Please feel free to contact the age group coordinator with your request; parents of both parties need to provide a written request to

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    The registration system states that the age category is full. Does TriWest have a waiting list?

    Please contact the age group coordinator at with a request to be placed on a waitlist.  

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    I want my child to play soccer but he/she is not old enough to play U4 with Triwest

    Triwest offers programs to U4, U6, U8 & U10

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    How do I know if there still is room in a particular program?

    If the on-line registration system accepts your registration then there is still space available in the program.

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    What is TriWest’s cancellation policy?

    All online refund requests must be submitted in writing to the TriWest Board at (not to your age group coordinator or coach). Refunds requested PRIOR to the registration closing date will be made minus an administration fee of $25 for U4, U6, U8 & U10 programs.AFTER the registration closing deadline, refunds will be considered that are of a medical nature and accompanied by a doctor’s note. They will be reviewed by the board of TriWest Soccer and if approved will be made with respect to the following process:

    • Prior to the season starting – 50%-100% at boards discretion.
    • Once the season begins - 50% of the registration fee.
    • After 1 month of play - no refunds

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    Do you offer U10 - U18 soccer?

    No. However our affiliate club West Hills United offers CMSA programs to this level

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    Outdoor - Where does TriWest play their soccer games?

    U6’s and U8’s will practice/play at either Killarney Dry Pond/Community Center (26th Ave and 28th St.) or Turtle Hill (45th St and about 21 Ave).  U10 SWL Home Games are at Killarney swimming pool outdoor field (29th St and 17th Ave SW) or Richmond Field (22nd Ave and 22 St SW)  Follow this link for a list of the away game locations Fields/Gyms/Center Locations

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    Outdoor - What days will they play soccer? When will this be determined?

    U6’s practice/play from 6:15 to 7:15 on Monday and Wednesday at either Killarney Dry Pond or Turtle HillU8's practice/play from 6:15 to 7:15 on Tuesday and Thursday at either Killarney Dry Pond or Turtle HillU10 Girls play Monday and Wednesday at either 6:30-7:30 or 7:30-8:30  
    U10 Boys play Tuesday and Thursday at either 6:30-7:30 or 7:30-8:30 
    Note - the U10’s schedule is organized by SWL Marshal.  For further information please check their website at www.southwestsoccer.caBONUS - optional outdoor integrated technical sessions hosted by PASS (Premier Academy of Soccer Skills) are offered Saturday mornings in May and June.  

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    Outdoor - What is the difference between the Southwest League and CMSA for U10 outdoor?Southwest League:

    • Fields/travel distance: the SWL member clubs are Triwest, Signal Hill, CalGlen, West Springs/Cougar Ridge, Scarboro, and Glamorgan.  All the playing fields are in SW Calgary within these areas.  See for exact locations.
    • Costs: The registration fees of $90 w/volunteer commitment or $150 more w/o volunteer commitment. 
    • Season: The SWL season runs from the end of April to the end of June.
    • Competitiveness:  For boys SWL has three tiers of competitiveness and two tiers for girls, with players evaluated by their own club and placed on a team with players of similar skill.  The teams are seeded into the appropriate tier in the SWL.  Triwest typically fields a team in each tier.


    • Fields/travel distance: CMSA is city-wide.  Some games will involve travel beyond SW Calgary.
    • Costs: Registration is through Triwest’s affiliate club, Westhills United, a joint venture between the Triwest and Signal Hill soccer clubs.  See for fees based on age and tier.  Additional costs for track suit and backpack may be expected.
    • Season:  CMSA’s also starts the end of April or beginning of May, and runs through mid-July.  The seasons resumes in September and runs into October.

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    In U10, can I drop my child off and leave during practices?

    Parents are required to attend all practices unless, an agreement is made at the beginning of the season that a bench parent will be designated for each practice.  At that time the Team Manager will designate a bench parent on Team Snap for each practice.  The bench parent will then ensure all the children are returned safely to their parents at the end of practice.  For the U10 Girls the bench parent is required to be female.

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    What can I do if I believe that my child has the ability to play in a higher age category and I wish them to play in this age category?

    We will place players in older age groups when requested and based on ability, but not into younger age groups. It is up to the parent to make this determination; if you believe that your child is able to play at a higher level, you can register him/her as such. The registration system will automatically place your child in an age category based upon their date of birth.

    Please notify the registrar to make any changes at Note that requests to play up should be based on ability and not convenience (i.e. siblings together). Parents should contact the Age Group Coordinator if they are unsure of where their child should play.

    If a child clearly does not fit into the higher team, they will be requested to move back down. Furthermore, maturity of the child will be considered.

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    What are the evaluations sessions? What happens if I cannot make the evaluations sessions? Can my child still play if they cannot make them?

    The evaluations are run by PASS (Premier Academy of Soccer Skills).  Children are evaluated on their endurance, technical skill, and co-operation.  The purpose is to identify what level each player should be seeded and what tiers Triwest should register their teams with in the SWL.  Correct placement of both can make a tremendous impact upon having a fun and successful outdoor soccer season.  We STRONGLY encourage that every effort be made to attend an evaluation/spring training session (there are usually at least two).  Please contact the age group co-ordinator with any questions or concerns

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    How do I get my official CRA tax receipt?

    Sign into your account through the registration system and click on "Receipt."  The receipt that comes up includes all the required information. A signature is not required on an electronic receipt as per CRA's rules.

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